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Which Facebook billionaire will buy NYT?

I predict the existing news orgs will quickly be gobbled up by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, even Groupon and Zynga, and their founders. They are hugely undervalued.

Unfortunately for the news orgs, they are unable to grow into this opportunity because ownership and management have no sense of adventure, no excitement for the future of the most exciting craft in the future, news.

A big transition is about to happen.

A manifesto for the simple scribe – my 25 commandments for journalists


via Tim Radford at Guardian

I gave it the not-very-serious subtitle of “manifesto for the simple scribe” and at around the same time, I realised that when stories that I had tried to write turned out wrong, it was because I’d broken one of my own rules. So I decided I might have written something quite useful, after all.

1. When you sit down to write, there is only one important person in your life. This is someone you will never meet, called a reader.

2. You are not writing to impress the scientist you have just interviewed, nor the professor who got you through your degree, nor the editor who foolishly turned you down, or the rather dishy person you just met at a party and told you were a writer. Or even your mother. You are writing to impress someone hanging from a strap in the tube between Parson’s Green and Putney, who will stop reading in a fifth of a second, given a chance.

3. So the first sentence you write will be the most important sentence in your life, and so will the second, and the third. This is because, although you – an employee, an apostle or an apologist – may feel obliged to write, nobody has ever felt obliged to read.