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She Sells Sea Shells On Her Nails—The Nail Room Pt.1


I am always on the look out for new and different charms, stones and studs when it comes to nail art. They are a quick and easy way to add that unexpected or wow factor without the time factor.

Nail art is not only the art of illustration, but aesthetic and style. With charms and embellishments, I feel like you have different looks when using them— plain & simple, organized and planned where each placement and piece is thought out, or the all over, whatever & wherever embellishment style.

That’s the other great thing about nail art, it’s like anything else where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe my neon green nails dipped in glitter and spikes aren’t for everyone, but as long as I like them, that’s all that matters—right?

So I had been searching for months (and yes—I do mean months!) for these sea shell studs I had seen everywhere. No matter what word combinations I used, I was not feeling lucky on Google and every online store I found was always sold out. I then stumbled upon The Nail Room and was ecstatic to find the studs that I had huddled over my laptop screen for months trying to find!

The Nail Room by Japanese nail artist Jasmine Oshima of Oshima Nails aims to bring Japanese nail accessories and jewelry to nail artists and DIY nail artists.

Not only does she offer these highly sought after shells to add to your mermaid manicure, but also other studs, stones and charms such as rhinestone bows and translucent gems. All of her pieces are reusable, and the longevity really depends on how you adhere them. I prefer using a little drop of nail glue and sealing with a good top coat. I’ll occasionally apply a new top coat if my polish begins to look a little dull and to give the charm that extra little support if needed.


And now the long awaited shells!— Measuring 3.5mm & 5mm, they are available in both silver and gold. The 5.5mm shells are a standard size and great to use alone or placed together with other studs, rhinestones and whatever your nail art heart desires.

The teeny-tiny 3.5mm shells are basically the cutest charms you ever did see. They are placed above in comparison to a dime. So tiny! When incorporating it into a group with other embellishments, it’s like a little game of “I Spy…” on your nail.


Some of her newer stones include these marble and turquoise stones. The white marble stones are 3.5mm x 3.5mm and the turquoise stones measure at 4mm x 6mm. You can see the marble stone incorporated into the pink set (second nail, index finger), and the turquoise stone in the above blue & green set (fourth nail, index finger). I love that they are really 2-piece stones, so you can use them with or without the gold backing to have variety.

For these nails I may have gone a little embelishment & junk nail crazy, but I love it! I wanted them to have a cute, pastel mermaid/acid seapunk feel.

Shells have definitely become a popular piece to collage and pair with others, and that’s where I think everyone’s styles come out. Is each piece placement thought out or did you just open everything and kind of go with the flow?

Please check back tomorrow for The Nail Room Pt. 2 to see what other designs I created using charms from The Nail Room!

Kim Bui 



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